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Student Permit

Emigra Ya has educational agreements with different colleges, universities and institutes around Canada, which allows us to help you in the process of your study visa. Thanks to our agreements with different colleges we can offer you a wide variety of educational options.


The student permit requires you to study a program of more than 6 months in Canada. AND After completing a program of 8 months or more at an eligible designated institution, the student may be entitled to a post graduate work permit to work in Canada after studies.

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Study in Canada

You can come to Canada as a student of a formal program and bring your family (spouse and children) if you have a high level of English, in this case your partner would obtain an open work permit and your children a study permit.


But if you are still in the process of learning the language no worries, we have you cover. We can offer you institutions that offer English classes, pathways to colleges, universities, and programs that combine English classes, formal studies and work permits

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