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Who We Are

We are an International immigration company that works with Responsibility, Honesty, and Personalized Help, in which you will find Total Support throughout any immigration process.

In Emigra Ya our commitment is to provide exceptional immigration services to our clients who want to work, study or move to another country. Our team is always working at a high level and developing personalized strategies for each case.

Our Mission

We make it possible for your dream of emigration to come true.

We offer consultancies with honesty, responsibility and quality - which allows people and businesses to have better opportunities.


We are Experts Here To Help

We know that emigrating is a life-changing decision and that each case must be treated differently. Each case is unique and for that reason, it should be treated in the same way. We maintain a high success rate and have consequently earned the trust of people planning to migrate and the trust of companies looking for potential employees.

Let our experienced team make this an easier and smoother transition for you. Let us provide you with the legal advice you need so that what you want to achieve becomes a reality. Our goal is to provide you with better solutions and excellent customer service.

Meet Our Director

Maira Alejandra Espinosa


Maira Alejandra Espinosa is a REGULATED CANADIAN IMMIGRATION CONSULTANT (RCIC) who, for the past few years, has been helping immigrants settle in Canada. She is a lawyer from Colombia who practiced law there before settling in Canada.

She initially came to Canada to study conflict resolution. During her studies, she fell in love with the country and also found her better half, with whom she has two children, and decide to make this beautiful country called ¨Canada¨ her permanent home.

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She and her family history has been marked by the migration, one of the reason she became passionate with her career.

Maira Alejandra has experienced first-hand what it means to move from one place to another. What it means to start from scratch, make new friends, adapt to the new environment and start a new life. When she decided to come to Canada, she came like most with little baggage but a lot of dreams.

We all have different life stories, but for her those obstacles, challenges and struggles shaped her to become a courageous woman, to achieve her goals, to succeed and to know what she wants. For her, Canada has numerous opportunities, for those who want to have a better future, not only for themselves, but for their family. During her time in Canada, she has had the opportunity to work in different industries, she gained a broad mindset about immigration law, recruitment agencies and their important games in people's lives.

Maira during her stay in Canada has realized how difficult and time consuming it is to process documents to get to Canada, especially when you do not have the right advice. In addition, she wants to help her compatriots and other nationalities, to migrate to Canada either to study or to work. This task challenged her and she decided to study to become an immigration consultant, a field in which she has become a licensed immigration consultant.

Her mission is to "HELP YOU" and "HELP OTHERS". You can say she is a "young entrepreneur" but young entrepreneurs are always innovating, creating solutions and always moving forward to bring you the best options for the needs of the labor shortage and immigration process.

She is a young professional, full of energy, passion, commitment, honesty, responsibility and with a clear idea of where to go. Her knowledge of Canadian immigration law and her experiences are part of her assets that with Emigra Ya's services will be passed on to you.

Emigra Ya's services are the perfect solution to provide you with the best advice and the additional options and program you need because we know how to meet that challenge at a price you can afford when hiring employees abroad, when planning to study, work or immigrate to Canada.

She is well qualified and dedicated.

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